Tour Fittings

There is only one way  to be  fit and that is on the driving range, the pros don’t get fit indoors, why should you. We use only  state of the art Trackman Launch Monitor, between the #’s and physically seeing the ball flight and dispersion we can always guarantee the perfect fit. From this point we will make recommendations based on your #’s, which include  Ball flight, Club head speed, Launch angle, Attack Angle and Spin rate.

Before we go out to the driving range I always spec your original set to see where your issues are. I use a frequency machine to look at your flexes of your set.  This will give me a basic understanding of how you are presently hitting the ball.

We fit and represent only the best golf equipment manufacturers in golf today:  Adams, Callaway, Cleveland, Miura, Mizuno, Ping, Taylor Made, Titleist and the best shaft companies in golf today Accra, Fujikura, Graphite Design, KBS, Mitsubishi and Steel Fiber . These are our primary lines but can get any other lines also.

All of our demos are built to different frequencies (Flexes), weights and  grip sizes.

You need to have the best possible equipment so you have the opportunity to play your best golf.

Also for the Golf Professional:

Are your members outsourcing their club fitting needs now more than ever golfers of all abilities are looking for more than just the usual fittings from cart fittings. It’s time for change, this is where I believe we can help each other. Together as a team we can offer your members a tour quality fitting without your members ever leaving their own facility. You provide this service to your members and this will only improve your club sales where before they went off course and you never saw the sale. This is a great opportunity for you and also for your members.

We have the ability to set up on your driving range and provide this service. We travel across the state of Florida or travel north for the summer.

For more information on our services or our summer schedule and to schedule your personal driver fitting call today. (561) 676-3254.

Fitting Fee:                                $250.00  (21/2-3 hours needed)


The fitting fee also includes 2 more 1/2 hour sessions. The first 1/2 hour  session is when you pick up your clubs, this is to make sure your loft and lies are correct and make any adjustments that are necessary. The second 1/2 hour session takes place approximately 30 days to take a look at the clients progress and make any changes if needed.

Then we build all our clubs to tightest tolerances in the golf industry today, all clubs in the bag are perfectly matched. All clubs are built on site using SST Puring.

SST Pured Technology:  Locates the most stable orientation of any golf shaft to minimize off-line bending and twisting.

Lifetime Warranty with all custom clubs, we are the only “Golf Technicians” to offer this.