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Performance Club-fitting and
Building Workshop

Explore the world of Performance Club-fitting and Building with a comprehensive workshop led by Brad Fellinger, a distinguished Golf Digest Top Club-fitter and a seasoned 40-year veteran of the golf industry. Over two and a half days, immerse yourself in a personalized, one-on-one learning experience tailored to guide you through fundamental repairs to advanced building and fitting techniques employed by the top builders and fitters in today's golf industry. Gain insights into the closely guarded secrets of club fitting and building top quality golf sets exceeding industry standards.

As a participant, you'll actively engage by bringing your own golf equipment into the workshop. Brad will show you how to inspect and spec out your gear, utilizing specialized tools such as a digital swing weight scale, frequency analyzer, ruler, loft and lie machine, and a finish chart for recording specifications on a frequency graph. Throughout the training course the one on one approach ensures the client will have a deep understanding of their equipment and learn the skills required for effective club fitting and building.


Lawrence Walsh

Ocala, FL

"I almost never written a review about a product or an experience but feel compelled to offer my thoughts on Brads club fitting and building workshop. My regular playing partner and I are both low handicappers and interested in knowing more about building quality clubs so we signed up for his clinic. It was an eye opening and highly informative 3 days. Brad showed us everything about building a complete set and explained and demonstrated each step fully, taking as much time as we needed to show us how and why things are done a certain way. The right way.I was so impressed with his skill and knowledge that I had him build me a set of Srixon irons with Accra shafts and I couldn’t have made a better choice.

They play wonderfully and everything I learned in the workshop clinic seemed to close alive in this set of irons. I don’t plan to be a club builder at my age but I now have a clear understanding of what is good about a particular club and what isn’t, what I want and don’t want. We both highly recommend Brad and his workshop for any dedicated golfer and especially someone wanting a career in club fitting and building."