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Frequency Matched Shafts:

We believe when you hit your driver or hit a wedge they should feel the same, this is where frequency matching comes into play. Each iron is built at a 1/2″ increments with a difference of 3-4 CPM (cycles per minute). Sometimes we will do 4-5 CPM but I like to see tighter tolerances. Frequency Matching Shafts show the stiffness of shafts, after testing your golf equipment on a Mitchell frequency Machine and hitting different clubs on a driving range this will tell us what your best shaft flex or frequency would be.

Then starting with a driver we will build a matched set of golf clubs, this will improve your consistency, control and accuracy. AT Fellinger Custom Golf we build custom golf equipment one set at a time and build closer tolerances than the major companies because they are all mass produced, as I work with a lot of PGA and LPGA Tour players I see it with their golf equipment they don’t come out perfect either.

Grip Size:

Proper grip size is very important because if your grips are to big then your hands won’t get thru the ball and will have a tendency to go right and lose distance. If your grips are too small then you will have a tendency to hit the ball left because your hands will work thru the ball to fast and your right hand takes over.

Loft and Lies:

Probably the most important part of club fitting and building although the whole process is important. If your lies are too flat your toe will dig in first, creating the ball to go right and if the clubs are too upright it will cause the ball to go left. The wear mark on your club face should be just inside center of the club face.


The purpose of correct shaft flex is find the shaft frequency to hit the ball more consistent. Too weak of a shaft will have a tendency to hook or draw too much as well as hitting the ball high right because you believe or think that you are slowing your swing down but in reality you are actually decelerating thru the ball. Too stiff of a shaft will pull the ball low left or slice the ball.

Hot Melting

We can actually add hot melt to your driver, fairway or even hybrids. Why: We can change the weight of the head, we can put hot melt in the head to help draw the ball, you can add it to the toe to help square up the club face and even start to hit cuts or fades. When re shafting some of the new heads in the market place the heads are becoming lighter because the manufacturers are making the clubs longer. When I re shaft sometimes I need to make the head heavier to give you proper swing weight and head weight.


This happens when you re shaft clubs because of head weights either being not correct or are just too light from the manufacturers. Adding swing weight will also change the frequency of the shafts because you are making the heads heavier.

Iron and Wedge Grinding:

If you are a digger we can grind your wedges or irons to add bounce so your irons will glide thru the turf. We can do special grinds which will decrease or increase bounces.
NOTE: you can send us your golf equipment to be serviced and the added bonus would be, we would spec out your equipment and give you a complete diagnosis of what you are playing, “absolutely free”.
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