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Tour Fittings

I am the owner, fitter and builder:

First Brad will spec out your present set to get a better understanding of how you are hitting your clubs and then we will put a plan together to get you playing the best golf of your life.

Brad will then move to our brand new studio where we now use the Ernest Sports OVT golf simulator, but I still offer the TrackMan launch monitor, offering you the best of both worlds.

From the data of the golf simulator I will make recommendations based on your numbers and swing type offering you more consistency, control and accuracy while increasing your distance.

Brad fits and represents only the best golf manufacturers:

I showcase the following products Mizuno and Tom Wishon golf while offering Accra shafts, Aerotech steel fiber shafts, True Temper shafts, Project X shafts and Graphite Design shafts.

Brad retrofits Callaway, Cleveland, Titleist, Taylor Made, Ping and PXG meaning we will optimize your present equipment to get you to play the best golf of your life!!!.

Our Workshop

Full bag fitting

The fitting fee also includes 2 more 1/2 hour sessions. The first 1/2 hour session is when you pick up your clubs, this is to make sure your loft and lies are correct and make any adjustments that are necessary. The second 1/2 hour session takes place approximately 30 days to take a look at the clients progress and make any changes if needed.

Driver, fairway woods and hybrid fitting

It takes about an 11/2 for the fitting process, I use TrackMan numbers, various manufacturer heads and shafts to ensure my clients always receive the best fitting experience possible. I am looking to build you the best possible golf equipment to fit your budget. My job as a fitter and builder is to improve your consistency, control and accuracy which is the main ingredients to increase your distance.

Iron fitting

It takes about 1-1/2 to do an iron fitting, I use TrackMan to get the numbers and also look at head design, shaft flex and length, grip style and size. After all the information is collected and looked at then its my job to build you the perfect matched set of irons to improve your consistency, control and accuracy.

Wedge fitting

It takes about 45 mins to an hour. Again thru TrackMan numbers, we then look at head designs and bounces to decide what wedges are best for you. If needed I will also grind the wedge to give you the best possible wedge fitting experience.

Then we build all our clubs to the tightest tolerances in the golf industry today, all clubs in the bag are perfectly matched. All clubs are built on site by myself to ensure the build matches the fitting specs.

The same being said I can work with any budget my job as a fitter and builder is to optimize my clients golf game. All my equipment is built with the same care and quality as I would be building a set for a tour player.

When installing shafts I always locate the most stable orientation of any golf shaft to minimize off-line bending and twisting when building golf equipment


Club Fitting Fee: $100

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